Thursday, May 24, 2018

We loved seeing you all in Tūhono - thanks for visiting!

Another sensational evening on Tūhono tamariki sharing and celebrating their learning with their whānau.  There was lots of giggles, talking, smiling, and flipgridding going on throughout the night.  Thank you so much to our families for giving up their time to find out more about your child's learning.  Remember you are more than welcome to pop in anytime you like to see what we get up to in here.  Have a great evening!

Visiting Teachers

We recently had some staff from another school visit us all in our Learning Hubs. Some great feedback - particularly knowing that they spoke to students (rather than to teachers). Student voice at work.

22 May

Dear Merryl,

Thanks for hosting us last Monday.  We enjoyed our time in your lovely school.  It was refreshing to talk to you about your journey and where you are at in terms of student agency and also to better understand the philosophy and how you have implemented what you have.

It has given us much to ponder.  We are now considering how we can develop student agency within literacy and incorporate the use of digital technologies .

We realise that where you are has come from designing, refining and reviewing over many years.  We need to focus on small focused changes, choose carefully and imbed well.  The other key element that we picked up from your school, in our discussion with you, is bringing everything back to authentic context, real life, real world choices.

As we went around the classrooms it was great to see the way the teachers collaborated together and through this collaboration they were able to offer greater choices to their students , whether it be a quiet or active brain break or a different writing workshop. 

We were very impressed by the student’s knowledge of their goals and knowing how they got them, what they were working on and where they were going next. 

Throughout the school we could see student agency in action and it was clearly evident what their goals were.

Thank you for your time and effort to ensure that our visit was worthwhile.

Robbie and Marie Bird

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Student Led Conferences in the House!!

What a buzzing, chatty, excited atmosphere we had yesterday at our first lot of Student Led Conferences.  It was fantastic to watch all of you sharing your learning with your whānau and that they now know what goes on in Tūhono each day.  It is not an easy task leading your conferences and Tūhono tamariki did it like pros!

Thank you so much to all of our lovely families that came along to support their child/ren's learning and taking the time to share in their successes.  Hopefully these conferences have got you talking with your child about what they are doing well and what they might still need to work on.

We are looking forward to our next conferences tomorrow afternoon.  Just remember you are more than welcome to come in any time and work with your child or see what your child is doing - we love visitors!

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Tuhono's Budding Artists

Tūhono were let out on the town last week to spend a couple of hours at our amazing local gem the Govett Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre.  This was such a great conclusion to our Art W.I.T. and the educators actually tailored our sessions to fit in with portraits and how you can interpret artworks and how the artist communicates messages through their art.

We split into two groups and all got to experience and browse the Art Gallery, whilst the other group viewed some of Len Lye's portrait work and then created their own camera-less photos using special photographic paper, a strong UV light and a few treasures :)

Tūhono were buzzing throughout the sessions and it brought our art ideas into real-life context, which is always the ultimate goal.

Check out our videos and photos of what we got up to.  Feel free to add in comments in the Google Album if you see something cool or ask a question if you like.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Topsy Turvy Day at Frankley School

What a crazy day in Tūhono on Friday and that was just Mrs Cribb in her pjs and slippers!!  Thank you so much to all our whānau that supported this great cause to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.  Frankley School made over $400 - wahoo!!  Check us all out below and watch the video that we showed the hub about what their money was going towards.

Our Art W.I.T. Celebration