Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Been Raining for So Long!!! (Not just a choir song!)

Who would have thought that Frankley School would be hit by Mother Nature so badly yesterday that we had to close the school?!  Mrs T, Kairangi and Mrs Cribb arrived at school to a lot of extra water running through the school.  For health and safety reasons, we couldn't have children at school, so we took some photos and spent half the day putting up artwork and reflecting on what we do for our Māori students in the school.  We hope you all got to stay warm and dry yesterday.  Today we had lots of flooding stories from Tūhono students and lots of excitement.  Apart from being rather soggy in parts around the school, it was back to business as usual today :)  Check out the footage from yesterday...

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lounging in Tūhono

Here is a beautiful reflection of how learners treat each other in our Learning Family.......look at how they leave the class toys. Respect, care, accounting for individual learning differences (notice some like to group together and some like to work independently from other learners).

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mrs C and her latest learning.......

Here is some work that I did at my learning course last night.  I am studying.......

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice 

(Digital and Collaborative Learning)

It is so interesting but it is really stretching my brain and putting me in 'prickly cactus' thinking every time that I am learning in class. Here is a quick movie that we made to show some of our learning about Growth Mindsets. I worked with Mrs Mills and Mrs Parkes so I was able to work with them collaboratively to solve problems together. We were proud that we got our task finished and in the set time. 

Have you had a learning time when a learning buddy has helped you out of the 'pit' or when you have helped another learner? Tell us about it in your comment.