Saturday, December 16, 2017

Glamping in true Tūhono style!

What a way to end our final full week as our Tūhono Hub 2017.  The day begun with the tent pitching in which the students had to work together without any adult help to get their tents up.  We could tell which children had had lessons the night before and which ones hadn't!!  It felt like we were on camp.  Our beautiful school pool was a favourite hangout for the day, we also had gymnastics, cricket games, dancing to music and just chillaxing. 

It was however four seasons in one day and we had a little bit of rain at midday :)  Luckily we are so flexible that the bbq and food was served under the school gazebo and we had our picnic lunch in Te Puawai.  A big thank you to our wonderful whānau for helping us prepare and cook our lunch.  Big ups to Andre Siraa, Mike Wood, Amy Fale, Robyn Clough and Jo Jackson for being so amazing.

The sun returned for the afternoon and once our tents were packed away, we had a massive water fight.  Everyone left school a little bit wetter (including Mrs T and Mrs C) but we all had an awesome day!  Only one and a half days to go Tūhono :)

Click here to see lots more photos and videos of our day.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Best School Entry in the Annual Christmas Parade

Carrying on with our community theme saw another bit of history taking place at Frankley School.  An idea was "floated" around about entering into the Christmas Parade around Carnival time, which only gave us two weeks to plan and put our plan into action.  Along with members of the B.O.T., S.F.R.C. and some keen teachers and a truck, we made this into a reality!  Last weekend, the Frankley School Carpark turned into a scene of sparkling glitter and an array of santa hats.  The end product was a thing of beauty.  Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen, and an added bonus was that we won Best School entry earning us $500 for the school!  How can we possibly top that next year?  Hopefully it has put down the challenge for some other schools to enter next year...

Click on the photo below to see more of the action

A Serious Case of Volunesia has hit Tūhono and it does not seem to be slowing down!!

Wow - we have been flat out in our Tūhono learning hub. We have had such great ideas from our groups so have a real range of events happening: (we explored the word 'volunesia' and what it meant and then what making a positive impact on a community would we explored some great examples such as the student army in Christchurch.  We shared our experiences with a group called School Kit that connects classes and schools together in really fun learning experiences.  Check out this link to see us profiled on their website...

This is our 'task' to inspire the students...

Your task is to plan and implement a voluntary community
project that will have a positive impact on others.  Your project
will involve time, not fundraising.   You will need to consult an
expert to validate your planning.

Tuakana Teina in Action

Lots of Tūhono students have been able to share their knowledge of tikanga Māori and te reo through Kapa haka this year.  A couple of weeks ago, we invited Top Kids Preschool and Kahikatea Kindergarten children to school to be part of a mihi whakatau (a welcome) and watch our rōpu perform.  We had a wonderful time sharing our talents with the younger children and being great role models to our tamariki.  It was also very cool for Haka to have Mokii as part of the audience.  We ended the afternoon with a shared kai.  It is definitely an event we would like to happen each year.  We also thought that maybe next time we could make the performance more interactive by teaching the tamariki some waiata and actions.

Check out all the beautiful photos and videos...

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Best Biscuit in ALLLLLLLLLL of NZ

Kia ora Tūhono munchers

Your challenge is to record a response on our class FlipGrid about your favourite biscuit from the chart.

Make it sound delicious with your choice of words:)

Parents - you are welcome to record your own response too.

Biscuit FlipGrid

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tūhono Chefs At Work

Have a look at this.......great cooking happening in Tūhono today. Thanks to Mike Wood and his assistant chefs from W.I.T.T.....

         Tūhono Chefs At Work

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Welcome back Harold!

Today in Tūhono, we had the lovely Megan and Harold from the Life Education bus back to visit us at Frankley School.  We all attended our first session today based around Food and Nutrition.  This topic fits in perfectly with our cooking session on Wednesday, as part of International Day of the Chef.

Below are some photos and helpful videos to help us remember about what we learnt about the Food Pyramid.

Remember Harold set us a challenge so pop your answers down into the comments section.  1. What are the seven nutrients?  2.  Share a really funny joke about food.

We look forward to Session 2 in the bus on Thursday.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcome back to the Final Term for 2017!

Maintain a challenging learning to learn community that responds to the interests, needs, and talents of our learners.

Positive difference, Creative learner, Effective communicator.

Week 1 Term 4     

Tēna koutou Tūhono whānau,

Nau mai, haere mai ki te wāhanga wha.  Welcome back to Term 4.  Our final term together as the first Tūhono hub in Frankley School history!  It has certainly been a fun and challenging past three terms and we are rearing to go for the next 9 and a half weeks.  We hope you have had lots of whānau time over the holidays and managed to get outside in between the showers of rain.  Mrs Cribb and Mrs Trinder have enjoyed sleep-ins, not having to make school lunches and catching up on overdue jobs.

bike image.jpegThank you for supporting our Cycle Safety initiative last term - both of us felt it was of real value to marry up the fun of bike riding with some actual guided experience on roads and in traffic. We were very lucky weather-wise to get the whole programme completed and we were so proud of the cyclists who really got out of their comfort zones - especially when riding downhill. Hopefully some of you have followed these sessions up with some great family rides together.

This is the name of our weekly timetable/plan that both the teachers and the students can edit and use to organise our daily lessons.  As each day can differ, we are setting aside time each morning to go through the timetable so that Tūhono clearly know what is happening and what workshops etc. that they are booked in for.  It is shared with each student through their emails on a Monday and it would be beneficial for you to discuss it with your child as it is also a way that you can see what we are getting up to each day.

In Tūhono, we are successfully using a tracking sheet each day for the students to reflect on their learning and set goals for the following day/session.  We have created a simple way for them to show evidence of their learning and a great visual way of making sure that they have a balanced programme when it comes to choices of workshops and learning activities.  Click on this link to see an example.  The hard copies of these live in their WIT books.

We finished last term off focusing on proportions and ratios for our workshops.  Tūhono students have worked really hard at achieving their individual knowledge goals also and proving this to a teacher.  Ask your child to show you their IKAN analysis in their Maths folder on Google Drive so they can talk to you about what they are working on for their number knowledge.  You could find activities that you could do with your child at home to help consolidate this knowledge.  Remember there are many great resources on our Tūhono Online Classroom.  We will be looking at Measurement, in particular Time, for our first lot of workshops and moving into the practical tasks of length, perimeter and area. Number knowledge such as fractions/basic facts, is always interwoven into our learning as well.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.05.59 PM.png In our hub, we want to encourage and motivate the love of the written word through reading rich texts.  We also want to ensure that students have a choice over what they read, based on their interests, not just reading levels.  As part of our Daily Five programme, we would like to introduce Literacy Circles.  This approach aligns well with our beliefs about learning.  Reading groups are formed by book choice; structured for student independence, responsibility, and ownership; guided primarily by student insights and questions; intended as a context in which to apply reading and writing skills; flexible and fluid; never looks the same twice.

In Tūhono, we have been working hard at independently following the Writing Process in our daily writing sessions.  This involves brainstorming/pre-writing/planning in our books using graphic organisers, drafting in our books or in google docs, re-reading, revising, editing through conferencing with peers first and then the teachers and finally sharing their writing with an audience in whichever format they choose.  We always share examples of good writing (eg in our class novels that are read daily) as well as work from our students.

We will be starting a new inquiry this term as well as a few other mini-inquiries that we will be working on as we have ‘Life Education’ (Including Harold the Giraffe) working on some ideas with us and also a little nutritional experience coming up early in the term. These are times when our students are exploring their questioning skills, negotiating tasks and collaborating with others.
Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.27.35 PM.pngWe are very conscious that there have been activities for fundraising events that have asked families for money during last term and of course heading towards Carnival. Tūhono want to make sure that our WIT will not require any spending….it is a $$$$$ free WIT!!!!! Watch this space (well not this exact space but another space very soon………)

Our students will be involved with making a carnival craft for our upcoming Carnival. It is always exciting to work on our creations together and put our efforts towards the overall fundraising. We will be sharing some ideas with our students this week and may even need some help in our classroom as we get our treasures created.

  • Term 4 means that the sun is on it’s way!  Therefore hats are to be worn by all students when outside.  It would be great to see all of Tūhono with hats here at school after Labour Weekend.
  • A lot of tamariki have also worked so hard during Maths mahi that they have used up all of their books and now are needing another one.  If this is your child, please send along $2.90 to school to purchase one from the office.
  • Touch Rugby is being played out at Bell Block tonight as the Devon and St Joseph’s Field are closed.  Any questions about this, please contact your coach.
  • Cricket starts up this weekend too, so good luck to all of Tūhono students who are involved.
We look forward to having another awesome term with your tamariki.  With the weather warming up a bit we are expected students to be wearing a few layers so please try to name clothing. It is still amazing to see how much clothing is unclaimed at the end of each term.
Please contact us if you need to let us know anything that may help us to help your child to continue to be successful learners. Remember -  our door is always open.

Ngā mihi,

Anna and Kim

Thursday, October 5, 2017

We "Wonder"

Lots of students in Tūhono have chosen to read "Wonder" with Mrs Trinder.  We have almost finished the book and are loving reading along on our devices or just listening about August and his life journey.  Some of us have been experimenting with web tools to recreate scenes from the storyline.  Sketchio and Sketchpad are easy to use on a device and ipad and below are some examples.  Can you work out which scene each image is from?

Election 101

Some of the students in Tūhono have been taking a closer look at the elections and what you might need to know if you know nothing about the Elections.  Check out the links etc. to find out a bit more.  Test your knowledge on our kahoots made by Greer and Aria.

Click above to take a quiz

Click above to take Quiz

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 10 Update

Kia Ora Whanau and welcome to Week 10 - our final week for this term.
We are timetabled to have our cycling skills underway - with Let's Go Team. Although the forecast is questionable we still will be planning to go ahead if at all possible.

That means - bikes to school and covered in shoes/helmets.
The team always have a few spare bikes so please let us know if you need to access these......we want everyone to be able to join in with confidence. Of course, riding the bike that has been bought to fit the child is always great. There will be a bike safety/helmet safety check which means the students get some great knowledge about doing their own 'warrant of fitness' on their bikes. It is also amazing just how many helmets are fitted incorrectly so it really is a worthwhile process.

Adults will be on hand with tools, oils and advice so we all should end up spick and span and ready to rock.

We do have a designated place to store bikes which is able to be locked - so bikes can stay at school overnight if that helps make things more manageable.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Whakangahau "Celebration"

To end off the day with a bang, Tūhono hosted the Whakangahau.  We brainstormed all of the things that we wanted to share with others about our learning and fun in Tūhono and we decided use the theme of "Open Mindedness" as this is a key attitude that we all show on a daily basis.

All Tūhono students were involved, whether it be teaching a waiata to the school, introducing someone or sharing our work.  It was a brilliant display of all the fun things we do in Tūhono and the learning that goes along with it.

Check out our presentation below...  What was your favourite part of the Whakangahau?

Bullying is not OK!

Another change to our Monday was a visit from Shane Wallace-Hoskins who teaches Martial Arts.  He has been going around schools talking about Bullying and helping kids recognise the different types of bullying and how to deal with them.  Your child has been given a task to share with you following on from today's session, which needs to be returned in 48 hours to be eligible for a prize draw on Monday.  Tūhono really enjoyed listening to Shane speak and contributing to the discussion and also the playing of First to Ten!

Who can remember the three types of bullying and what they are?

Nau mai, haere mai ki te Tūhono!

Today was a very different Monday in Tūhono.  We started our day off welcoming Manoa Francis who has joined our whānau all the way from Belgium.  He has moved back here with his mum and dad and they are building a house on Parrs Road to live in.  Manoa speaks French and a little bit of English.  In true Tūhono style, we held a mihi whakatau for him and his whānau, which included a haka pōwhiri (welcome chant/dance); Cormac doing a whaikorero (speech) and singing a waiata.  To finish off our proceedings, kai was shared.  Today our kai came all the way from Belgium in the form of delicious chocolate bars!!  You may have heard that Belgium chocolate is pretty amazing, now we can confirm that that is definitely true :)

It was lovely getting to know Manoa and his whānau better when we asked them lots of questions.  We are so happy to have you in our hub Manoa.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Just Keep Running...

There was no stopping Tūhono when it came to the annual Cross Country build up this year.  We trialled a few training regimes and reflected on these in terms of fun, physical and emotional benefits.  Students in the end made an informed choice as to what their needs were for the type of training they wanted to participate in.  This helped everyone succeed in this are of Physical Education that can quite often be the most dreaded!!  We had runners tackling the hill once, twice, even three times each day as their challenge, others training in peers and maintaining physical fitness through dance and skipping.

Cross Country day came and Tūhono were given the choice of what events they entered into.  It was really encouraging to see so many students participate in the individual competitive races because they knew that it was challenging them and maybe taking them out of their comfort zone.  They should all be very proud of themselves in their achievements and attitudes towards this event.

Also a big tino pai to those who represented us at the New Plymouth Cross Country today.  We are looking forward to hearing reports back of how much fun they had taking on another personal challenge.

Click on this link to check out our school cross country photos.

Check out the pictures from Mr Anderson from today.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

All Black Fever!

Taranaki has been abuzz the past week with the excitement of having the All Blacks playing here at Yarrow Stadium.  Tūhono were lucky enough to meet the All Blacks Captain Kieran Read and show him their support through the spontaneous performance of a haka.  What an honour this was to bestow upon such a role model for so many of our Frankley Students.

Check it out, who does it better?  Frankley... or the All Blacks?!

Whakangahau Suggestions for Tūhono

Welcome to our planning week Tūhono. Next Monday the 19th we are on stage for the inaugural Frankley School Whakangahau.........fantabulous.

Please find the blog post where we all reflected on our last Whakangahau. With those reflections in mind, add your own suggestions for our performance next week. Keep in mind what you enjoy watching yourself, the ages of our audience and the purpose of performing....

                                               inform, entertain and persuade. 

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It's Been Raining for So Long!!! (Not just a choir song!)

Who would have thought that Frankley School would be hit by Mother Nature so badly yesterday that we had to close the school?!  Mrs T, Kairangi and Mrs Cribb arrived at school to a lot of extra water running through the school.  For health and safety reasons, we couldn't have children at school, so we took some photos and spent half the day putting up artwork and reflecting on what we do for our Māori students in the school.  We hope you all got to stay warm and dry yesterday.  Today we had lots of flooding stories from Tūhono students and lots of excitement.  Apart from being rather soggy in parts around the school, it was back to business as usual today :)  Check out the footage from yesterday...

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lounging in Tūhono

Here is a beautiful reflection of how learners treat each other in our Learning Family.......look at how they leave the class toys. Respect, care, accounting for individual learning differences (notice some like to group together and some like to work independently from other learners).