Monday, September 18, 2017

Our Whakangahau "Celebration"

To end off the day with a bang, Tūhono hosted the Whakangahau.  We brainstormed all of the things that we wanted to share with others about our learning and fun in Tūhono and we decided use the theme of "Open Mindedness" as this is a key attitude that we all show on a daily basis.

All Tūhono students were involved, whether it be teaching a waiata to the school, introducing someone or sharing our work.  It was a brilliant display of all the fun things we do in Tūhono and the learning that goes along with it.

Check out our presentation below...  What was your favourite part of the Whakangahau?


  1. thankyou class for a really interesting sequence of things and ideas -all very informative and the use of a joke was perfectly awesome- what a cool crew you all are.
    Carole and Laurie Greenfield

    1. Thanks Team Greenfield! We love that you read our blogs often and we really love your comments. You will have to check out our videos below about what the students thought of the whakangahau using a new tool called "Flipgrid". We love to entertain in Tūhono, so you will always find a joke in their somewhere :)