Saturday, December 16, 2017

Glamping in true Tūhono style!

What a way to end our final full week as our Tūhono Hub 2017.  The day begun with the tent pitching in which the students had to work together without any adult help to get their tents up.  We could tell which children had had lessons the night before and which ones hadn't!!  It felt like we were on camp.  Our beautiful school pool was a favourite hangout for the day, we also had gymnastics, cricket games, dancing to music and just chillaxing. 

It was however four seasons in one day and we had a little bit of rain at midday :)  Luckily we are so flexible that the bbq and food was served under the school gazebo and we had our picnic lunch in Te Puawai.  A big thank you to our wonderful whānau for helping us prepare and cook our lunch.  Big ups to Andre Siraa, Mike Wood, Amy Fale, Robyn Clough and Jo Jackson for being so amazing.

The sun returned for the afternoon and once our tents were packed away, we had a massive water fight.  Everyone left school a little bit wetter (including Mrs T and Mrs C) but we all had an awesome day!  Only one and a half days to go Tūhono :)

Click here to see lots more photos and videos of our day.


  1. We would never let a little bit or precipitation spoil our day......yay for a great way to end our learning year together:) Happy holidays everyoe.

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