Sunday, November 5, 2017

Best Biscuit in ALLLLLLLLLL of NZ

Kia ora Tūhono munchers

Your challenge is to record a response on our class FlipGrid about your favourite biscuit from the chart.

Make it sound delicious with your choice of words:)

Parents - you are welcome to record your own response too.

Biscuit FlipGrid


  1. Anzac biscuits are scrumptious and remind me of home .I eat them on mountains,in the bush, in snow caves even in some schools . They are easy to carry and even when they get squished in your pocket or backpack the crumbs are delicious. They give you lottsa energy but I brush my teeth after eating.
    Once, When I was about 200 kms from the south pole I gave my Australian mate 5 anzac bikkies for a xmas pressie and he said it was one of the best presents that he ever got `cos it reminded him of his family in Alice Springs.
    anzac biscuits are really cool! Laurie Greenfield

  2. I like malopuff,caramel slice and sqiggles mallopuffs and so oft because of the marshmellow and crunchy because of the biscuit.caramel slice is soo sweet and sqiggles is just soo yummy.

  3. My favorite is the lolly slice becuase it has a good chocolate taste to it and a goey mashmello on the inside