Wednesday, March 1, 2017

19 more sleeps to go until...?

March is here, which means Tūhono and some of Te Pihinga are counting down the days until all 56 of us venture out to Vertical Horizons Camp for two nights and three days of fun, challenge and learning.  To set the scene and get our students mingling a bit more, we have spent the last three days carrying out co-operative group missions.  The first day we were mixed up into teams and sent off outside (on a rather hot afternoon) to find clues around the school that spelled out a special message.  Everyone did an amazing job and we were able to solve the puzzle of "Challenge By Choice", which is the motto of our camp.  Congratulations to Ava, Slater and Aria who won that challenge.

Next up was the Vertical Horizons Quiz Challenge where each team was given a map of the camp, the camp programme and access to the Vertical Horizons Website.  All of the teams took on different roles within the group and achieved success.  Prizegiving will be carried out tomorrow for the winning team.  Mrs Cribb and Mrs T think that it is nearly time for us to choose some people we might like to be in a cabin with.  What are you looking forward to most on camp?  What might be some challenges for you?  What goal are you going to set yourself to achieve?

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