Sunday, February 26, 2017

Chapter Chat Week 5

Both groups in Tūhono have been busy listening and sharing their two novels. Choice was given regarding which reading group the students would be assigned to once a few chapters from both novels had been shared. Throughout the week, students are given time to work on tasks that relate to the novel or tasks that they have negotiated as having a connection to the novel. We have had gem-stones brought in for sharing (The Warden wears black cow-boy boots studded with turquoise)

Mikaere was the photographer who worked collaboratively to ensure that Mitchell's gems could be viewed by all. Other students brought in fossils (we didn't know that Lachlan had a collection and interest in this area). Chapter Chat sparks other learning links and helps us to view the student beyond the classroom.
Mikaere followed this up by 'posing' a photo of a snake attacking him in the bush!!! A great vehicle for acting/staging/working collaboratively.

One of the characters in the story, 'Mr Sir', has given up smoking and is now eating sunflower seeds instead. He speaks of spitting out the hard husks so we made a link with the sunflowers in the Te Kakano gardens. One of our Teacher Aide's, Trish, brought a sunflower head to our class as well as a microscope contraption that can fit onto a phone. This allowed students to view a magnified image of the flower. Again - learning goes beyond the pages of the book and the time within our school day.

If we think about our focus for our Chapter Chat Tweets:
'Ensure that our answers make it clear to the reader, what the question was'

What could be the next stage/suggestion for growth that we could give to our learners? What is missing from the post (and the post is certainly linked and on track with what we are trying to achieve). How could we make our connection with other learners more robust and meaningful? This will continue to be a focus in our next Chapter Chat link.

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