Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stationery and other notices

Wow - first day done and dusted!!!!! You will no doubt have some tired children arriving at home today. Our day went so fast but it was very rewarding to see everyone mixing and mingling as we work to get to know each other in our new learning environment.

We had quite a large group of students who did not bring togs to school today. We have a session available every day so we want to make the most of it so please get your child into the habit of packing their bags (job charts/reminders work well).

A swag of notices will have come home too - some of which need to be returned back to school. Please go through these with your child. There is no pressure regarding buying devices - just for those of you who are ready to do this. For those of you who are putting labels on books, here is some information that will help you:)

2B5 - literacy writing/literacy tasks
Activity Books (scrap books)  - W.I.T/maths

Please clearly name ALL stationery and have these in a small pencil case that will fit into the magazine boxes.

The magazine Box that we are wanting the students to use is available from the office ($4) or please purchase similar one from a stationery shop. They look like this:

Mrs Trinder/Mrs Cribb

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