Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Update Week 2

Kia ora Tūhono Families

A wonderful first week is now done and dusted. We have met lots of parents and are busy matching up faces to names to parents.......some of us are better at this than others. This week we have a great opportunity to mix and mingle at the Frankley School Picnic - Wednesday at 5.30pm. Hopefully the weather will be in our favour. A great chance to share and meet the families that make up our lovely Frankley Community. The school pool will be open so bring your togs.
We will be selling Juicies and Sherbet for $2 each at the picnic as the start of our camp fundraising. If you are keen to help with other fundraising activities please let Anna or Kim know. We already have one keen parent who needs a bit of a team to get behind her.

It was great to have so many of the students organised with their stationery. Hopefully we can now ensure that all books and paraphernalia are named and stored in individual magazine boxes. We are working hard to have workable spaces in our room so that everything that is needed for learning, is easily accessible.

Important Dates:

Tuesday Morning - Amore Coffee Van (caffeine for Mrs Cribb!!!) come down and grab a hot drink and have a chat with other parents/teachers doing the same. Some students also purchase hot chocolates. This is a regular Tuesday morning event.

Wednesday 8 February - 
Library Session for Tūhono so return those books/bring book bags.
School Picnic on the front field 5.30-7.00 pm. School pool open.

Tuesday 14/Wednesday 15 February - Student Talents Interests Needs meetings 3.30-7.30pm. On-Line booking details on your way soon.

Thursday 16 February
School Beach Picnic - whole school trip to Ngamotu Beach (weather permitting)

Friday 16/Saturday 17 February - School Fundraising Committee Camp Out at Frankley School. All families welcome to participate.

Congratulations to Bruno and Rebecca who were the first recipients of Peppa Tūhono and Harold Tūhono. They got to take the toys home as the winners of the male/female Dojo points that were gained during the week.

Well done to the parents who have joined - your child got an extra 5 points added to their scores. Every parent that participates gains points for their child.

We are trying to encourage ZERO waste with our food scaps/gladwrap/plastic bags etc.......students are bringing their lunchboxes inside and storing them on the benchtops so we can put any rubbish straight into the lunchboxes during the day. Unfortunately we also have a learning colony of ants. They are amazing at getting into things so please use lidded containers. Fruit/vegetables for munch-crunch time please. It would also be great if everyone has a named drink bottle to use during the day.

This week we are going to be discussing names (there is a huge list of them at the top of this post!!). Your child will have some questions for you about why you chose their name/s, nicknames, surnames..........
Please help them to complete their questions either on-line via their Google documents or on the paper copy. We are really looking forward to hearing all the different stories.

We are looking forward to the next four, busy days and hopefully getting a chance to catch up with more of you.



  1. thankyou for keeping caregivers informed as to what is going on in your class and school - it helps those ,who are far away, get a good idea of what is happening and well done Rebecca and Bruno on your dojo credits- we are sure that there are lots of really cool children who will get credits for their helpful,sharing behaviour . How about a challenge ,why not have a competition for the best teacher or school joke?eg what happened when the teacher tied all the kids shoe laces together? answer =they had a class trip!
    laurie and carole greenfield in christchurch

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