Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Learning Hub Names

Learning Hub names 2017

We have three Kahikatea trees just to the right of our hall. These three trees have roots that intertwine and can be thought to represent our parents, staff and students learning together.
This year Frankley School will have Maori names for our learning hubs.  Our school vision is "Positive difference, Creative learner, Effective communicator".  The Kahikatea tree represents the growth of learning that our children develop while they are here with us.  This also leads into linking the names to an analogy of supporting learning growth.   
  • We plant "The Seed".  "The blossom" appears.  The "Seedling" continues to grow.  The roots system "join together".  The "Kahikatea" trees stand strong.  Stand confident, stand resolute yay!
  • Ka whakatō "Te Kakano".  Ka puta "Te Puawai".  Ka tipu "Te Pihinga".  Ka "Tuhono" nga pakiaka.  Ka tu kaha nga "Kahikatea".  E tu maia, e tu manawanui eee!
The names of the learning hubs will be;
  • "Te Kakano" (Room 1 and 2) - New entrant children
  • "Te Puawai" (Room 3 and 4) - Y1-2
  • "Te Pihinga" (Room 6 and 7) - Y3 -4
  • "Tuhono" (Room 8 and 9) - Y4-5
  • "Kahikatea" (Room 10 and 11) Y5-6
Our Teachers have worked hard to establish Learning Hubs across the school.  Classroom setup, learning structures, many conversations and planning to establish a very exciting learning environment for our children.  Each Hub has a combined blog. Blogs can also be accessed from our Frankley web page,  Click on the hub names above to access the learning blogs.
We encourage you to put your email in the "Follow by Email" slot, you will be asked to confirm your wish to get email notifications of new posts on this blog within your email.  From then on every time something is posted on your child’s blog you will receive an email notification.  This is important as teachers will keep you updated with classroom organisation, some notices and sharing of learning via the blog.  We also encourage you to follow your own child’s blog.  If you need any support in knowing how to leave comments on blogs, your first port of call is Anna Trinder/Kim Cribb.

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